Key Notes


  • Cultural Heritage as Nation Branding: the Capital Value of Blues-based Jazz Gothenburg, Sweden (June 2012)
  • Global Call-and-Response: the Consequences and Possibilities of Multilateral Engagement (in progress)
  • Sound in Three Dimensions: Musicians, Audience, Cultural Diplomacy Barcelona, Spain (June 2012)
  • Capitalizing on Cosmopolitanism: Armstrong and Ellington Swinging Abroad, 1930-1950 (in progress)
  • Leveraging Scale: Wynton Marsalis, Blues-based Jazz and the Emergence of a Subspecialty Leeds, England (June 2012)
  • Columbia University Mentoring Initiative – Education [panel discussion] New York, NY (December 2011)
  • Cultural Diplomacy in the Spirit of Pops and Duke: Blues-based Jazz and the Sound of Collaboration [Keynote address] The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Berlin, Germany (December 2011)
  • International Relations, Global Governance, Civil Society ,the Private Sector and Youth (Un)employment [panel discussion] Berlin, Germany
  • Necessary Cosmopolitanism: Jazz and International Relations Dublin, Ireland (April 2011)
  • Global Swing: Structural Guidance in an Improvised World Berlin, Germany (February 2011)

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